Through and Within


1. Wrinkle In Time
Jared Lees  


2. Wandering
Jared Lees  


3. &
Jared Lees  

Bassist Jared Lees titled his new EP after naturalist Tom Brown Junior’s philosophy that a spirit resides through and within all things. That spirit definitely found its way into Jared’s music. His album takes listeners on a spiritual and musical journey with otherworldly melodies grounded in catchy grooves and driving beats. From Jared’s bass to Justin Tibbs’ sax to atmospheric noise, Through and Within gives a sound to the silent emotions people experience on their own spiritual journeys. Using tone and harmonics reminiscent of Jaco Pastorious, fast-fingers and cool grooves like Victor Wooten, and bass melodies that croon like As Tall as Lions singer Dan Nigro, Jared energizes jazz in a way that seasoned musicians and pop music lovers alike can appreciate and enjoy.
(by EmilyC).


released 16 March 2013
Jared Lees- Bass, Fretless Bass, Drums, Percussion, Guitars.
Justin Tibbs- Saxophone.
Art by Matt Brady



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