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As a bass player I must admit, I have secret passion for solo albums consisting entirely of just the bass guitar.  No drums, no guitars, just bass.  Throw in a vocal track here and there and you just may strike gold.  To most the bass is considered a supporting instrument, so it gives me a great sense of satisfaction to hear a piece of music composed entirely on bass.

With his latest EP, Jared Lees proves he is one of those bass players who has the gift of composing interesting, moving music, entirely on bass. Jared’s unique and dynamic style effortlessly combines elements of jazz, indie, and finger-style guitar, pushing the limits of what it means to be a bassist in the modern world of music.

Beacon Journal writer Malcolm Abram describes Jared as having “the technique and a love for harmonics as melody a la Jaco Pastorius”.  Equally adept at fretted and fretless bass, his creative use of effect pedals allows him to seamlessly slip into any musical setting.  Jared has released two solo albums to date and is set to release his third, ‘Sonic Sketchbook’, on April 22nd. ‘Sonic Sketchbook’ is just 5 masterfully crafted tracks, but these five tracks speak volumes to Jared’s sense of melody, composition and sheer talent.  From his splendid use of harmonics on the opening track ‘Child’s Play’, to his haunting fretless work on ‘Dispatch Master’ Jared showcases his impressive skill as a solo bassist.  The EP also contains two beautifully composed vocal tracks, ‘Don’t Tell’ and ‘Ezra’s Song’ (both with Jared’s wife on vocals no less) that faithfully demonstrated his ability to play to the song as opposed to being the main feature.

Jared says “This new EP is all bass, vocals, and percussion.  I tried to make it as simple as possible without sacrificing musicality so that I could put out a project as close to the initial inspiration as possible.  That’s where the title comes from… it’s like my sketchbook” Featuring hauntingly gorgeous compositions, beautiful vocal tracks, and a strong sense of groove and melody, Jared’s new EP ‘Sonic Sketchbook’ will be available for free (or more if you choose) 4-22-14 on  It will also be available through CD Baby and iTunes.


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